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Above you see two young-adult readers on a whirl of adventure with: (left) Melanie Jackson’s 2015 Ferris-Wheel suspenser Eye Sore, and (right) her 2016 Persephone-themed thriller Death Drop, both published by Orca BooksAnd it’s just a matter of time before our roving camera catches a y/a reader with an eager nose pressed into the pages of Melanie’s Just-published (November 2017) Orca mystery, Medusa’s Scream.

ByChasTreeNews flash: Melanie is delighted  and honoured to have been chosen as one of the TD Canadian Book Week 2018 authors! Here’s the announcement. 

Now, back to our regular programming…

Getting kids to read shouldn’t be a challenge. Shouldn’t put your head in a Ferris Wheel spin or a Hellevator-like drop. The age-old attraction of reading is all in the story. A good conflict, a puzzling problem and accessible language: Now that’s a ride young-adult readers will climb aboard. In this blog, children’s/YA author Melanie Jackson shares her experience, adventures and enthusiasm in writing mysteries. Thanks for visiting–and don’t forget to glance over your shoulder now and then. A plot twist may be coming at you!Medusas Scream Mock Up

Read all Melanie’s blog posts, including
the latest one, titled “Big Dip reader provides a big thrill for yours truly.”  Find out what kind of reader comment makes an author want to jump for joy…



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