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Spin this idea: a literacy club!


Often, when I visit Vancouver’s Hastings Library, I espy a room full of spinners at their wheels. At first blush, a library might seem an odd place for spinners to convene. Yet a club can easily weave in reading as well as spinning, or any other valuable pastime, for that matter.

My friend Meredyth Kezar, former later literacy consultant with the Vancouver School Board, shares a great idea in her latest blog post. Just as you form a basketball club to teach basketball, or knitting to teach knitting, why not form a literacy club to encourage reading? As Meredyth relates, “Long ago a journalist turned educator, Frank Smith, wrote a book called Joining the Literacy Club. He talked about how if you want to learn to sail you might join a sailing club, etc. And he talked about how teachers need to create literacy clubs. You need to create community.

“As a teacher, I would often tell my students that one teacher wasn’t enough so that they had to be teachers as well. In some areas they had better skills than I did. I coached basketball but my basketball skills are practically nil, but I never had difficulty finding other students who had the skills and were willing to help.”


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Scottish-born and mystery-minded, Melanie Jackson is the author of children's and y/a suspensers published by Orca Books. Melanie is writing this blog to share news, ideas and research on encouraging kids to read. The key is no mystery, she believes. It's all in the story.

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