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Slithering toward you in November 2017: my Orca y/a mystery Medusa’s ScreamIn my newest novel, a young male piemaker (how’s that for a delicious gender role reversal?) stumbles on a hidden cache of gold in a Gold Rush mine that’s been converted to a thrill train ride. For you Scottish history buffs, add a dash of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Rebellion of 1745.

Medusas Scream Mock Up

And here’s my Fall 2016 Orca y/a chiller, Death Drop, about a Hellevator-like ride and the young baseball pitcher who goes on it to find a missing child – and figure out what Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s painting Proserpina has to do with her disappearance.


And take a readerly spin with Eye Sore, from Orca in Spring 2015, about a huge Ferris wheel and the owner’s son Chaz who has to work there for the summer but would rather be dancing like his idol, Gene Kelly. But then a malicious newspaper publisher tries to force his dad to close down the big  rotating Eye. Chaz does some fancy footwork sleuthing to find out just why.

Eye Sore cover


Other y/a chillers AND info about my presentations


Take a roller coaster ride through my y/a suspensers and children’s Dinah Galloway mystery series with Orca Books.


Watch your step as you view the presentations I offer, described via the Children’s Writers and Illustrators of BC and The Writers’ Union of Canada.



A watershed moment: view the awards/honours I’ve won (blush) via CWILL and TWUC.


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