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Big Dip reader provides a big thrill for yours truly

Young NY reader wants to jump right into the story and find the mysterious rose 

RoseCould THIS be the mysterious Margaret rose?

A young reader from Long Island wrote me recently to share his adventures in reading my Orca young-adult thriller The Big Dip. In fact, just reading about protagonist Joe Lumby’s hunt for a mysterious flower wasn’t enough for my correspondent. Not usually an enthusiastic reader, he wanted to jump right into this story along with Joe!

BigDipGrateful note to my correspondent: You could not have given me a more encouraging
compliment. I write because I love to escape into fictional adventures. If you feel that same yearning, that you’d like to dive right into
The Big Dip, I am thrilled! I’d take that compliment any day over dozens of long-stemmed roses.

Here’s the letter this thoughtful young man sent me:

“I read your very interesting book The Big Dip. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of reading books but your book caught my attention from the very beginning. I just couldn’t pull away! I liked your description and the suspense that was portrayed, starting at the roller coaster.

This roller coaster ride was to be the old man’s last…

“Furthermore, I got very interested when it was noticed that the old man died from a gunshot wound! This sparked a lot of mystery and I couldn’t stop wondering why the old man on his last breath mentioned something about “a Margaret rose getting back to he police.” That made me want to jump right into the book as the protagonist Joe, and find out immediately.

“I was fond of how you made Joe sound like a brave, intelligent, and thriving character. Like on page 22, it really depicted how Joe used his sport skills to save himself from choking. ‘I stopped gasping for air. I practiced small, steady breaths––runner’s breaths.’ He could do this because he is a track runner.

“I can compare myself to Joe because he and I are very observant of our surroundings. While Joe was on the Big Dip [roller coaster] he right away noticed the old man in front of him that kept leaning forward. As the ride ended Joe did not leave because the old man remained leaning forward. Joe was the first to see he was dead.

“Ultimately, I really wish there was more description on the Margaret rose, because I wasn’t well aware of what the importance of it was. Other than that, the book was amazing and I’m looking forward to reading more books written by you. Thank you so much for your time and patience.”

No…thank YOU! And thanks so much for writing to me.

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